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Skin Strategies

Are you ready for your skin confidence journey?


Skin Strategy Consultation & Discovery Facial

60-90 mins - £75.00

The skin strategy consultation will help me to determine where your skin is at. You will receive an in-depth skin analysis where you will get to know what your individual skin needs are for it to be healthy and functioning properly.

We will discuss all aspects of your lifestyle and home skincare routine and get to the heart of what your skin goals will require.

This will be followed by a prescriptive discovery facial treatment which will not only leave your skin glowing but will also help you to understand more about your own skin and how best you can achieve your personalised results.


  • 14 day Cosmeceutical/medical grade trial skincare kit and skin specific nutrition supplements.

  • Skin discovery facial to check skin pH, tolerance and sensitivity & investigate to make skin strategy plan.

What Happens Next...

Here to Help You Through Your Journey

After your in-depth consultation I will offer you the opportunity to work with me very closely for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months.

This is to give you the chance to truly transform your skin using a 360 degree approach with one of my Skin Strategy Plans.

Your Skin Strategy Plan will combine cosmeceutical skincare products, skin specific supplements, in-clinic treatments consisting of skin resurfacing, skin needling, skin boosters and many other skin technologies specific to your individual skin requirements.

I will also be offering you diet and lifestyle support to help improve your gut health, general wellness and your skin.

This truly amazing experience will enable you to reach ultimate skin confidence that you may have struggled with in the past.

All Skin Strategy Plans consist of:

Medical grade home skincare products & nutrition supplements

Personalised to target specific skin concerns

Tailored in Clinic Treatment Plan

Treatment/s specifically tailored to continue targeting skin concerns

Diet & Lifestyle Support

Taking a look at what you eat and how your lifestyle could be affecting your skin concerns.

This will give you specific recommendations on what you could eliminate and add to your daily food intake which will support your gut health, wellness and your skin.

Skin Journey Personal Support/Assistance

Choosing one of the 3, 6 or 12 month Skin Strategy Plans will mean that you get access to me personally. will be your personal skin therapist for the duration of your plan and you can contact me via my private WhatsApp number (Mon-Fri).


Skin Strategy Plans

Take Your Pick

3 Month Skin Strategy Plan


Choice to make one full payment
1st payment £800 & 2 monthly
payments of £500

6 Month Skin Strategy Plan


Choice to make one full payment
1st payment £800 & 5 monthly
payments of £400

12 Month Skin Strategy Plan


Choice to make one full payment
1st payment £1000 & 11 monthly
payments of £365