Customer Testimonials


Before meeting Shabana, my skin was extremely textured with lots of hyperpigmentation due to the cystic acne I had.  I tried every cream prescribed by the doctors, I tried high street skin care brands, but the only thing which stopped me from getting acne was the roaccutane tablets prescribed by my dermatologist. This was a desperate last resort for me as I was 22 at the time and still experiencing severe breakouts. Although this stopped my cystic acne I still get the occasional breakout and have lots of other skin issues such as skin indents, hyperpigmentation, textured skin etc. 

Ever since I’ve started the skin care routine and the facials recommended by Shabana my skin has transformed immensely! (I know this because of the amount of compliments I receive from family and friends :)) I’m much more confident to go out without makeup now, which is huge for me! My skin's texture has improved and my pigmentation has reduced loads. It’s a work in process and now we’re looking at getting rid of all the indents I have in my skin.

Humaira A.