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*For Existing Clients Only*

Enhanced Prescriptive ‘ART’ Facial
(Advanced Resurfacing Treatment)

30 mins - £75

The prescriptive enhanced ‘ART’ facial is designed to take your skin to the next level without the downtime. The excellent one of a kind delivery system with its highly potent and active ingredients are able to reach the lower basel layers without compromising the surface levels of your skin. Whilst this facial treatment is tailored to your individual skin needs it also gives you an advanced skin exfoliation using a variety of power driven acids that will leave your skin feeling transformed.


Enhanced Prescriptive Plus Mask
& Touch Therapy Facial

60 mins - £90

This is a super comprehensive active facial that combines a resurfacing treatment with an individually selected mask and touch therapy application. You and your skin will be left feeling refreshed, energised and super balanced.


Ultimate Enhanced Prescriptive Facial

90 mins - £130

This is the ultimate facial treatment designed to use a prescriptive resurfacing treatment and incorporate a machine modality. This is to give you the ultimate results for your individual skin concerns.

Machine modalities used in this facial may be one of the following

  • ProFacial (HydraFacial)

  • RF8 Radio Frequency

  • Microcurrent Lifting


Enhanced Eye Specific Treatment

40 mins - £45

Includes a specialist eye resurfacing treatment and a machine modality to combats your delicate eye concerns.

All ‘ART’ (Advanced Resurfacing Treatment) facials are specially designed to help combat your individual skin concerns. Whether you suffer from a specific skin disorder such as Acne, Pigmentation, Rosacea or are looking to help your dull, ageing skin, rest assured I have a solution that’s right for you.

ProFacial (HydraFacial)

The ProFacial is the total solution for the perfect facial care, combining six different treatment modalities to achieve the best possible results for absolute skin enhancement.


30 mins - £50

Buy a course of 3 for £150 & get 4th free (saving £50)

This treatment includes:

  • Deep Cleanse - Glycolic and lactic acid removes any debris and dead skin cells lodged in the skin.

  • Extraction & Deep Pore Cleanse - Salicylic acid flushes out dirt, oil and debris; treats acne with its antibacterial properties

  • Hydration - Infuses the skin with Hyaluronic Acid and plant based growth factors to nourish and provide a plumping effect.


60 mins - £80

Buy a course of 3 for £240 & get 4th free (saving £80!)

Includes the 3 basic deep cleansing steps plus:

  • Radio Frequency - Multi-polar technology stimulates collagen and elastin renewal, aiding skin tightening and increased blood flow, giving you a healthy glow

  • Ultrasound - The Sono handpiece activates fibroblasts to improve skin elasticity. In conjunction with a facial mask, it will enhance the delivery of nutrients in the mask into the skin.

  • Ion Lifting - Microcurrent technology propels anti-ageing ingredients deep into the skin, stimulating skin tissue and muscles for an immediate lifting effect.


Radio Frequency Skin Tightening with ThermoVisage RF8

Full Face & Neck - 95 mins - £60

Course of 12 sessions for £520 (save £200)

The treatment is recommended as a course of 12 sessions at least once a week for best results. After this, maintenance may be undertaken once a month.

RF is a treatment that delivers gentle heat, deep into the dermis at approximately 38- 41°C. The treatment head has four metal contact points that  alternate from positive to negative current (approximately 800,000 times per second). The cells try to line up with this very fast, alternating current. Think of it like an exercise class in the dermis! This excess heat stimulates cells, which makes them produce collagen and elastin within a faster cell renewal cycle. Results are subtle and very natural looking.

A stronger definition to the face can be achieved, lines and wrinkles are softened, and skin is smoother. The RF Pro improves the appearance of the jowls by giving the jaw line renewed definition.

Radio Frequency treatments can be used on the skin around the eye, across the brow, over the crow’s feet and temple area as well as the upper cheek. This makes it an excellent non-invasive treatment for hooded or lined eyes.

It can also be used to treat areas of cellulite or skin sagging on the body, particularly effective following childbirth or rapid weight loss. Not only is the skin tightened and smoothed, but a contouring effect is also achieved due to the technique and head size used for body work.

Achieves incredible results, varying from just one treatment to a full course.


Advanced Dermapen Microneedling

Dermapen® is a medically approved electronic microneedling device used to rejuvenate and improve the skin surface by reducing fine & expression lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and acne scars.

Based on the skin's natural ability to repair itself whenever it encounters physical injury, the microneedling device moves across the skin, creating minor "micro-injuries." This process has two major benefits; it stimulates collagen formation and provides a clear channel for topical serums to be absorbed through the surface of the skin. Triggering the healing process with a series of treatments, the body will keep repairing the skin incrementally and cumulatively to offer fabulous results.

The result is smoother, firmer and younger looking skin.

Advanced Microneedling with

Hikari Meso Cocktails

60 mins - £150

Face & Neck

Advanced Microneedling with

Hikari Meso Cocktails & Resurfacing

75 mins - £185

Face, Neck & Specific Eye Treatment

Benefits of Dermapen Microneedling include: Suitability for all skin types, including darker skin; Lifted, tightened and rejuvenated skin; Reduced fine lines and wrinkles; Improved stretch marks; Reduced enlarged pores; Improved acne scars; Enhanced deeper product penetration; Increased product efficiency; Any part of the body can be treated; Minimum down time and faster healing

Once the desired result has been achieved, it is important to maintain collagen stimulation by returning for maintenance treatments.


Guinot Micro-Current Lifting Treatments

Facial Lift Treatment

30-45 mins - £55

This instant lifting face treatment includes lymphatic drainage to drain toxins and stimulates the muscles to lift and tone.

Facial Lift & Eye Treatment

60-75 mins - £65

Save time and money and treat both the face and eye area in one treatment.

As with all exercise the greatest benefits are achieved through regularity.
We recommend a course of 10 treatments once a week for £500 (saving £150).


IPL/SHR Hair Removal Treatment

Here at Enhance Your Beauty we offer the latest technology in hair removal and skin rejuvenation systems. Our Biocare-Lite offers Advanced IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), SHR Laser (Super Hair Removal) and SSR (Super Skin Rejuvenation) treatments.

The SHR Laser delivers repetitive low-energy light pulses that are absorbed by the melanin in the hair and immediately converted into heat. The hair shaft acts as a conductor, delivering the thermal energy to the root and underl ying germ cells. Here, the energy irreversibl y damages the hair root hair no longer grows. Its gentle application makes SHR suitable for light and dark skin types as well as recently tanned skin. With in-motion gliding delivery, SHR cuts treatment time by more than half and is super comfortable. It delivers faster, more effective hair removal for all skin types.


Upper Lip                               £25

Chin                                        £20

Lip & Chin                              £35

Sides of Face                            £30

Full Face                                  £60

Neck                                        £40

Face & Neck                            £60

Full Arms                                £80

Half Arms                               £40

Underarms                              £30

Full Legs                                  £150

Lower Legs                              £60

Thighs                                      £90

Bikini Area                              £30

Extended Bikini                      £40

Hollywood                               £50

Buttocks                                   £70

Chest & Stomach                     £80

Nipples                                     £30

Full Back                                   £80

Half Back                                  £50

Shoulders                                  £40

Full Back & Shoulders              £120

Upper Back & Shoulders          £70


Full Body Package

Full legs, Hollywood, full arms, underarms, full face & neck (full price £370 - saving £120)


Half Body Package I

Half legs, half arms, underarms, face & neck (full price £190 - saving £90)


Half Body Package II

Full legs, Hollywood, underarms (full price £230 - saving £70)